Coworking Spaces: 5 reasons why they benefit from digitization

These days, more and more businesses are going digital. This includes smart storage, smart living and smart coworking. We've summarized the top 5 reasons why your coworking space will benefit from digitalization.    


1. Attractiveness Through Modernity  

Coworking spaces are primarily used by young companies and freelancers. This target group has grown up with modern technology and therefore has high expectations of the digital capabilities of the environment. With the digitalization of buildings and effective access control, companies can meet these demands.


2. Security

Especially in times of the Corona crisis, many people have moved their work to coworking spaces. It happens that many different people enter the building. The overview of who, when and how enters the building can quickly be lost. By digitizing the buildings, such as digital key systems, it is always possible to control and ensure that no unauthorized persons can enter the building. Especially in buildings with expensive hardware and other pieces of space equipment, this is highly beneficial. Thus you create the security of knowing who is using your coworking space, but also your clientele.  


3. Flexibility

Due to the increasing number of home office jobs, people's time flexibility is also increasing. The chance to work from anywhere is something many people are taking advantage of. So why not live out your own preferences in terms of time? Coworking spaces can benefit from digitalization, especially in terms of time. Customers can access the building at any time without having to stand at the reception desk. For example, with the SpaceOS app, it is very easy to open doors, book rooms and set rates. There is no worry about unauthorized people entering the building, and you increase the attractiveness of your coworking space through 24/7 opening hours.  


4. Cost Savings

The digitalisation of buildings is not only attractive for customers and users. The advantages also outweigh the disadvantages for the operators, especially in terms of cost savings. In everyday life with buildings, problems arise that can easily be solved or eased by digitalisation. One of those problems is key chaos. In large office buildings or coworking spaces, are always problems with lost keys. This problem costs a company up to 500 euros a month. The time and staff required for key management also cost time and money in the end. Another problem in large buildings is energy efficiency. This is usually not very efficient. Windows are often left open for long periods of time while the heating is running, or the lights are left on for the entire weekend because someone forgot to turn them off. This is all reflected in the costs at the end of the year. Thus, these problems can be easily remedied, and greater customer satisfaction and cost-efficiency can be ensured. 


5. Sustainability and Efficiency

In many coworking spaces, the clientele changes daily. Especially under these circumstances, it is difficult to determine at the end of the day who is the last to leave the building, who likes to work with the windows open, or who quickly gets too cold and turns up the heat. This is under the circumstances that buildings are the fourth largest source of greenhouse gases, this is an important factor in the sustainability and efficiency of their coworking space. Thus, an average home consumes twice as much CO₂ as the average car.

The consumption of an office building is consequently much higher. Lighting systems in particular account for around 38% of electricity consumption in office buildings. 

Digitalization and efficient access management are therefore not only modern and attractive but also sustainable. Within just a few clicks and a single app, lighting systems, heating and much more can be easily controlled and adjusted. So you can easily turn off the lights or turn down the heating. Through the Coworking Solution, you can easily reduce your ecological footprint.   



Kickstart for digitalization

The benefits of digitalization for co-working spaces strongly outweigh the disadvantages. Nevertheless, many co-working spaces are not yet smart coworking spaces. Despite the many advantages, digitization seems to be a deterrent for many companies. One of the main reasons for a decision against digitization is the high entry costs, which many small and medium-sized companies cannot afford. Especially then it is an advantage to know about the different financial subsidies. We've covered these in our blog post, "Digitalization now? The best subsidies for your coworking space". Nothing stands in the way of digitizing your coworking space.  

 Our Smart Spaces solutions specialize in the digitization of Coworking Spaces, so if you would like to learn more about digital opportunities for your coworking space, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to advise you 🙂