Digital Transformation - Sensorberg at the Coworking Europe Conference 2018

Coworking spaces provide an interesting alternative to the work-from-home model. They allow us to separate our private and professional lives — key to achieving top professional performance — while providing the opportunity to interact with others, share experiences, develop or verify the ideas, or simply collaborate together on interesting projects. Providing people with the right space and atmosphere is key to achieving top performance.

Nowadays facility managers and operators of coworking spaces are looking for the best ways to increase operational and financial benefits and at the same time provide their tenants with the right community atmosphere & working comfort. With SENSORBERG’s Smart Spaces solution these goals may be successfully achieved, as it gives users and buildings the opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other. Our solution delivers real simplicity in its all-in-one solution, allowing office buildings and shared workspaces to be easily operated and interconnected. Accessing rooms and opening doors with your smartphone is only the first step in a truly digital interaction. Expansion modules already allow additional use cases, such as managing lockers, booking rooms, providing digital signage, producing heat maps and others.

At the Coworking Europe Conference 2018 in Amsterdam, SENSORBERG would like to show you how its Smart Spaces Solution turns lifeless concrete bodies into digital worlds. We will take you for an intensive and interactive Virtual Reality walk and  guide you through our reference space, coworking campus Factory Berlin. We will enable you to experience the real power of space digitization and at the same time give you a possibility to interact with it first hand. Check out how to open doors and lockers via app and learn how a network of distributed sensors and actuators helps enhancing your space’s comfort. Stop by at our stand, put on a VR-Headset and experience SENSORBERG Smart Spaces!