From a wooden pin lock to a keyless door locker

Nowadays we spend about 90% of our time indoors, however, it has not always been this way. For centuries we had to adjust to the changing seasons and the sun’s position to organize our daily routine outdoors, in nature.

The world is subject to constant changes and people have decisively brought about this themselves. We are constantly striving for changes and looking for ways to make our lives easier. We can observe this even with such easy mechanisms like opening and closing doors. In the past a simple wooden pin lock was sufficient to protect our belongings, however, today, we set completely different standards for such a simple process. Living in one of the most innovative periods of technological advancements, we strive to achieve the highest level of flexibility, safety, and efficiency and to make our lives easier. 


The door opening is such a natural process that we do dozens of times a day. But as banal as this process may be, it still may put us to logistical challenges, even though unintentionally. Either we forget keys, lose them or might need to hand over them to third-parties on a short notice, e.g to latchkey children, parcel deliverers, cleaners, waste disposal collectors, electricians, interns, new co-workers… the list can go on and surely everyone has been in a situation with at least one point on the list.

So why not just create a solution that in such a digital age allows us to open doors without having a key in hand? To give an access to certain rooms to third parties without handing the keys over? Today we organize a large part of our daily tasks with the use of digital solutions. If in the past we had to go to the bank to make a money transfer, today it is enough to just log into our account using internet banking to comfortably pay the bills.  We send out emails instead of taking letters to the post office and do more and more shopping online.


Sensorberg has made its task to digitize real estate, whereby the people, and thus the user, and not buildings, are standing at the heart of Sensorberg’s innovative concept. One of the processes, digitized by Sensorberg is opening the doors with the help of a smartphone app - the so-called digital and intelligent door lock system.  Traditional keys now stay in the past for us. To open a door, all you need to do is to open an app on your smartphone and tap it on an Access Hub, the door unlocks and voila - you are in!