Higher air quality in offices: Just a phase or an important factor in the working environment?

In the near future, most of us will start working in the office again on a regular basis. One of the main reasons for this for many people is that they can concentrate better in the office than when working at home. However, not every office offers a productive working environment. One crucial factor is air quality. If there are many people in a room with less than optimal ventilation, the CO₂ concentration increases.

Carbon dioxide is not only responsible for man-made climate change as a greenhouse gas, but can also have a major impact on the people indoors. Therefore, measuring the concentration of CO₂ indoors is an increasingly popular trend. Studies have shown that the performance and productivity of people in work atmospheres decrease with increasing CO₂ concentration.

Most people, aware of the danger they can bring, look for the best solutions. To this end, CO₂ sensors can be installed in the office to remind employees to open the windows if the concentration is too high. However, in order not to be interrupted by a loud beeping noise during work and meetings, it makes sense to further automate the processes: either with automatic window opening or integration of the air conditioning.


Sensorberg enables this!

Sensorberg's open building platform can integrate any number of sensors and actuators to track CO₂ levels and other air quality factors. The responsive building automates processes for the best possible comfort and productivity by integrating window controls and air conditioning and ventilation systems independently of manufacturers. In addition, staff and guests are assured that working conditions are constantly monitored.

In the future, employers who want to attract the best employees will care much more about such factors and make working conditions as pleasant as possible. Sensor technology and also all other digitalisation modules from Sensorberg help to achieve these conditions with efficient use of resources.