BeyondBuild Experts, Living.25 and Sensorberg turn Cologne's "MelEHR" into digital benchmark project

  • Lighthouse project for digital living and innovation
  • App from Living.25 bundles services for owners, tenants, and managers
  • Sensorberg-Technologie steuert Zutrittskontrolle

Cologne, May 18, 2021: In Cologne, the "MelEHR" on Melatengürtel in the Ehrenfeld district is currently the city's most comprehensive digitized residential and commercial building and thus one of the most innovative projects of its kind in Germany has started leasing. Developed by Metropol Immobiliengruppe, the project comprises a total of 32 rental apartments and a daycare center. BeyondBuild Experts GmbH, also based in Cologne, assisted in the implementation of this project and provided significant support for the overall digital concept.


Christine Damke, Managing Director of BeyondBuild Experts, says: "We aim for added value and sustainability. The "MelEHR" project is setting the trend in Germany for how to implement additional benefits in residential properties for tenants and asset managers. In addition to technology-supported access control, the concept implemented here combines a variety of digital building features and conveniences for tenants and managers. All services are bundled in a central app. The project vividly demonstrates how high living quality and sustainable, efficient operation can go hand in hand in the future."

Several technology components from the BeyondBuild ecosystem and other partners are combined in the MelEHR project to create a consistent and interoperable overall solution. It is operated and used via the "Living.25" app, while various services run together in the background on an IoT platform from Berlin-based PropTechs Sensorberg. Sensorberg also provides the hardware and software for digital access control. This allows residents of the MelEHR to enter the buildings, their apartments, or even basement rooms via smartphone. The access authorizations are encrypted and securely stored on the respective end devices. This means that, for example, in the event of a lost key, tenants no longer have to pay for cost-intensive replacement procedures. The associated guest management offers additional convenience: residents can grant friends or tradesmen access to their apartment simply and for a limited period of time via an e-mail invitation.

Benjamin Wardemann, Managing Director of Metropol Immobiliengruppe, explains: "Digitalization is increasingly shaping our lives. In the process, our homes are also coming into focus. The user and his or her requirements are consistently placed at the center and linked to resource conservation and sustainability. For us, the decisive factor for the overall experience in the MelEHR was that individual technologies could be combined with each other. This has been achieved excellently."



Source: Metropol / Copyright holder: Valéry Kloubert


To create awareness and encourage more environmentally friendly behavior, smart metering components are integrated into the open ecosystem above the Sensorberg platform. The individual consumption quantities of electricity, water, and heat can thus be displayed to the individual tenant on a daily basis in the "Living.25" app. The integrated control of lighting and scenes, blinds, mail and parcel acceptance, and the doorbell system provide added convenience. The app is also used for communication - the "Community" function allows uncomplicated contact among residents and the integrated ticketing system ensures straightforward communication on all tenants' concerns with the property manager. Conversely, the property manager can easily distribute information about the house and apartment to tenants via the app using a digital "bulletin board" in the building entrance or via an app including a push notification option. This gain in transparency and efficiency also allows cost-saving potential to be realized.

Since the beginning of May, the first residents have been moving in - and, thanks to the coherent overall digital concept, are benefiting from a new level of living experience.


About BeyondBuild Experts GmbH

BeyondBuild Experts is part of the BeyondBuild GmbH ecosystem and designs and implements digital systems and solutions for sustainable and smart real estate projects that enable new business models in the real estate industry. More information: 


About Sensorberg GmbH

Sensorberg GmbH, based in Berlin, develops hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings. The PropTech company specializes in solutions for coworking spaces, commercial and residential real estate, and self-storage. Sensorberg installs access control systems and also equips buildings with a comprehensive digital infrastructure that can be used to easily and transparently control all processes via smartphone or tablet, from room booking to temperature control and the opening of lockers to visitor management. Intelligent technology can be connected to all management systems already in use.  By evaluating the collected data, operators or owners have the opportunity to manage their buildings with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. When implementing the individually tailored building solutions, Sensorberg can also combine different manufacturer systems hardware-independently to dock onto the open IoT platform in the background. More information: