Smart Spaces for more management efficiency

We live in a time when technological developments are rapidly advancing. Hardly a day goes by without an introduction of another new app  that promises many simplifications. Undoubtedly, there are many great innovations and tools to make our everyday life easier. However, given the multitude of possibilities, we quickly lose track of which technological development provides us with added value that simplifies our lives and that is quick and easy to understand.


 Sensorberg has set itself the task to fully exploit the hidden development potential of buildings through digitalization, and thus to increase the comfort and convenience of Smart Spaces for each individual. Each building has different user groups. On the one hand, in a classic office building, we have the employees who spend several hours a day in the building and want to work productively there, and the employers who want to make it as comfortable as possible for their employees in times of a shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand there are owners, managers and facility managers of property, who strive for an efficient and affordable management of each building.


Digitized Buildings - Smart Buildings, many people still think of them as of a gimmick, a certain status that allows us to control individual processes in the house from anywhere via App. But it's much more than that. Of course, digitization of buildings should also make operations more convenient, but increasing efficiency in terms of saving money and resources is also a key issue, especially for owners and administrators. We selected three user groups to demonstrate  you its possibilities a little more specifically. 



Building Operators Use Smart Spaces to Increase Efficiency

With an insight into digital building management, the building operator can control, monitor and manage facilities and services. Furthermore, the management platform collates building real-time data across multiple facility’s areas. This enables him to analyze the data, flag existing issues and respectively prioritize responses and repairs. In terms of maintenance costs reduction, the building operator can gain a lot. For example, using digital access and lockers, he does not only provide his tenants flexibility but can also reduce key maintenance costs. Other benefits include: easy coordination of service providers, faster integration of new members and staff (automated key management & check-in/out), easier management of all conference rooms and coordinated multiple use of space by different parties. Digitalization clearly reveals efficiency potentials that would not be usable without the implementation of Smart Spaces.


Facility Manager needs to be less and less directly on site

As sensors can now detect everything from burned-out light bulbs to air turnover in a digital room, they can also communicate with the facility manager in real-time via management platform. Such communication provides valuable information about current faults in specific areas, so that immediate actions can be taken. No more running a dozen kilometers a day through the building. He can check all the necessary data from his office and take appropriate actions.


Employees/tenants enjoy the comfort in the Smart Office

An intelligent building offers its users a simple, comfortable and pleasant workplace. As you can already see, they can move intelligently through the building: open doors according to their access authorization, use lockers flexibly for storage and personal valuables, book meeting rooms conveniently at any time - and all this with a smartphone. No more traditional keys or cards! Additionally, they can communicate interactively with the building by receiving push notifications informing them of for example, upcoming events or scheduled meetings.


Many things in Smart Spaces are only at the beginning of their development, but already today offer you a multitude of amenities on those tomorrow nobody would like to waive.


We will be happy to inform you about your potential in terms of administrative efficiency and tenant satisfaction. Don't hesitate to contact us for an initial discussion.