Coworking Spaces: 5 reasons why they benefit from digitization

These days, more and more businesses are going digital. This includes smart storage, smart living...

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Digitalization now? The best funding for your Coworking space

If you don't want to miss the leap into digitalization, you have to be up to date at all times and...

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Rethinking the future: In the Age of Post-Pandemic Offices

It seems that the pandemic not only in Germany but also in other countries is slowly normalizing...

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5 Questions with Jan Michalik

Interview with Jan Michalik, conducted by Cobot.

Sam Bender: Thanks for speaking with me Jan! Can...

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"The human element must not be forgotten"

Interview with Tobias Kremkau about coworking in the pandemic

Tobias Kremkau is co-founder of the...

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NOIISE - with digital technology for optimal background noise

Nowadays, almost each of us is constantly surrounded by different kinds of sounds, such as hustle...

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