Tech-Stack & PropTech Trends: Sensorberg & Partner at EXPO Real 2021

The EXPO Real is one of the largest real estate and investment fairs in Germany and the largest B2B fair in Europe. Current trends and visions for the future are the focus of the fair. In addition, companies have the unique opportunity to present their own products and innovations to customers. In this blog post, we would like to present the top 3 smart living trends in 2022 and give you an insight into our stand at EXPO Real. 


Smart Building: Top 3 Trends für 2022 

Sustainability and Local Comfort


The trend in the comfort category in 2022 is towards local services and neighbourhood offers. Whether SmartLiving, SmartWorking or SmartStorage. Due to the Corona pandemic, rising living costs, urbanisation and on-demand and shared economy, existing infrastructures are being critically questioned. The desire for more sustainable lifestyles is growing, not least due to the climate crisis and other global issues. Thus, we see that the trend in the coming years will strongly lean towards local and sustainable businesses and services. In addition, the networking of neighbourhoods with the help of modern technologies is becoming more and more important in order to increase people's quality of life through the feeling of being part of a community. 


The Perfect Ensemble of Efficiency and Effectiveness

We are constantly working on our smart solutions to make them even more efficient and optimised. The trend foresees that efficiency in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness will be in the foreground. Currently, new buildings are already being constructed with environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials. Related to this is the cost-saving. Smart metering technologies are intended to make buildings sustainable and smart buildings through intelligent energy savings. With just one app, tenants, owners and businesses can see how much electricity and water is being used. Tenants, owners and businesses can switch electronic devices on and off from anywhere and water damage can be repaired at the earliest possible stage through warnings about technical difficulties. Water and electricity connections can be interrupted so that in the event of technical difficulty in the building, no damage occurs or it is minimised. This is particularly advantageous in smart storage or smart working buildings. In this way, expensive hardware can be protected in smart-working buildings and customers' property can be protected from damage in smart-storage buildings. With the help of smart metering, buildings can be more sustainable and efficient, and costs can also be saved. We have summarised further advantages of smart metering in our article "Future-proof efficiency for the next generation of buildings". 


Multi-level Security

In the security category, there are several aspects with regard to smart buildings. One level is the security of the technologies. Owners particularly often decide against digitalisation based on the perceived unreliability of various technologies. We place particular emphasis on secure hardware and software. This is guaranteed by an offline capability. Thus, the products work even if they are not connected to the internet or if there is a malfunction. You can read more about the fail-safe triple-offline system here. The second aspect of security continues to be data protection. Nevertheless, we see that the trend will be towards legal support for smart building owners. As an owner, it is often a high responsibility and an accompanying uncertainty to bear the legal consequences of digitalisation. Digitalisation and smart solutions thus have a deterrent effect. Thus, in the future, the focus will be on the security of landlords, companies and owners, in addition to the protection of tenants' sensitive data. The consequence of this is not only that entrepreneurs and owners can rely on the technologies without worrying, but also security for customers and residents. The security that one's own data is managed legally and lawfully is an important prerequisite of digitalisation. Legal security can be integrated directly into the app by our partners Scalara. Also integrated into the app are accounting of COA, rental house & SE management.


Tech-Stack at EXPO Real 2021 

Sensorberg and its partners are at EXPO Real with a Tech-Stack stand. The stand is designed like a smart building and customers can try out all the technologies that Sensorberg and its partners offer.   

These include functions such as:  

  • Light & Energy  
  • Shading  
  • Home heating  
  • Security  
  • Digital basement storage  
  • Digital parcel station   

Everyday situations will be simulated to show how simple smart buildings can and should be. A visit to EXPO Real is not only useful for presenting future trends, but also for trying out the technologies on offer and gathering information about various technological innovations. This can also become important later on when you decide to use smart technology. Thus, they save time and effort during the later installation, as they can test the products on-site and protect themselves from unpleasant surprises.   


Whitepapers for more clarity 

We have summarised all the important questions about smart living and smart working solutions in whitepapers, in which we analyse the smart living and smart working industry within to create an understanding of it. In addition, the respective white papers deal with the details of smart living and smart working solutions and the current status, what expectations homeowners, tenants or companies have and how project developers can benefit from smart building functions. In particular, topics around financing, security, flexibility and revenue opportunities will be discussed and presented by leading industry experts.  

We at Sensorberg have created a special ecosystem together with our partners to avoid isolated solutions, and this is the perfect chance to try out the ensemble of different smart solutions. 

We're looking forward to seeing you at EXPO Real in Munich from 11.-13. October. Book your appointment ahead of time so that we can answer all your questions at our joint stand A2. 140. 
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